Day 195 – Rebuiliding


I spent the morning and early afternoon working on the backyard. When the lawn is mostly weeds, it is difficult to gauge how tall it is – so I don’t even remember the last time it was mowed. Between picking up after the dogs and mowing, it was a fun filled morning as Garbanzo took DJ’s sleepover guest back home. (More about that guest in a few days.)

When he returned, I sent out to find a pipe of a particular diameter and length. We have an umbrella for the umbrella stand that I use by the hammock. Because this umbrella is top heavy compared to the others we’ve had, the stand isn’t able to support it as it should. So, I’m fixing the problem with a length of pipe. Must be narrow enough to fit into the stand, but wide enough for the umbrella to go into.

He went to The Rebuilding Center – a local non-profit that goes and deconstructs buildings prior to a major remodel or even a demolition. They then resell the pieces in their center. You can get flooring, moldings, windows, doors, fixtures, and cabinets. When you live in an old house like ours, this can be a fun place to get original era moldings, etc. Hell, this is where part of our center cut fir floors came from when they needed to replace parts of the original.

Garbanzo came back with the wrong sized pipe. So, we both went back. Here is a look at this place. We got lost in the door section because we need a new front door. And, while we could just go to Home Depot and buy one, we want one that fits the style and age of the house.

A neat screen door Garbanzo found.

The peep hole we found in a door we actually think might work for our house. Ignore the color, because we would take care of that. This is the inside of it:

Here is the outside of it:

And if you want a school door for your house, this is your place to get one.

Or if you need a door that was popular in our neighborhood. Nothing says stay out like an iron door.

Need a window?

Or the counterweights for your old windows?

Or do you need the windows for those weights?

Those windows are from the old Lincoln High School building

which is now part of the PSU (Portland State those who might confuse
it with other universities) campus:

I might actually go back and get the large single pane ones. They are cheap and
would make nice cold frames. Garbanzo has visions of a make shift green house.
Not sure I’m ready to let him tackle that one yet.

This place is dangerous – you come away with lots of ideas.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Yeah, like someone might actually confuse Portland State with THE Pennsylvania State University 😉

  2. Just me... says:

    What a great place!!! I bet it could create enough projects to keep me busy for months.. And I love the peephole in that door!! Hope you get it!! :):)

  3. rage says:

    I am digging the peep hole!

  4. Dana says:

    We have one of these stores by us (run by Habitat for Humanity) and I try to visit about every other week. Like you, I come away with TONS of ideas – good thing I don’t have a truck!

  5. garbonzo says:

    I did actually come home with an access ladder for the attic. got to figure out when that is getting installed!

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