Day 191 – Mug Shot


Before I get to my picture of the day, I must whine a bit about my morning.   For the past week, I’ve been dealing with a sore throat that I was thought was related to allergies and the changing weather.  In the past, I have occasionally gotten one that lasts a few days but then goes away.  But, I’ve now had this one for a week – and the glands in my neck are starting to swell and be tender, so I decided it was time to visit the doctor and sort it out.  Strep throat has been holding on around here for the past few months, so I figured it would be an easy in-and-out sort of visit.  Nope.

The doctor was skeptical about this sore throat since I didn’t have any other signs like fever, chills, and nausea.  Yes, my glands were definitely swollen.  Finally, she looks at my throat and immediately decides to test for strep.  (Insert eye roll here.)

She does the “quick test”.  Negative.  She decides to do a real strep test since the quick one has a 20% error rate.  Nice – two throat swabs within 5 minute.  Fun.  She tells me they will call in a day or two.  I thank her and get ready to leave.  She looks at me and says “you know I can’t prescribe anything to you until I have a positive test result, right?”  Yes, of course.  “Because if your throat hurts, it isn’t enough cause to give you antibiotics.”  I thank her again and leave.  I mean, I’m not asking for anything.  I’m not expecting anything.  Her reaction to me saying “thank you” without any other explanation required seemed to weird her out or something.  And what did I learn:  I’m supposed to drink a lot of water, gargle with salt water, and wait.  So, in other words – stay the course – got it.  

But, Garbanzo did meet me there (since he was running errands in that part of town) and entertained me while I was waiting.  Then we had lunch together.  Afterwards, I went home to work – and he went and got the project we did with Indigo a few weeks ago while DJ was at a birthday party.  She has always wanted to go paint at a ceramics shop, so we took her there.  She had fun, and her mug turned out really well.

I know she is going to be super excited when she sees it.  She will also enjoy tormenting DJ with the fact DJ didn’t do one.  I wish I could say that I hoped that was not going to happen, but I know my daughter way too well.

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  1. rage says:

    It sounds as if the doctor was treating you like a junkie just trying to get something…that would’ve irked me for sure.

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