Day 181 – I Hate Blackberries


I don’t care how great they taste, they are a pain in the ass! The vines are invasive and thorny and take the fuck over. This is a picture of our neighbor’s yard.

It is an unspoken rule amongst neighbors that you take care of them as one yard left out of control will create issues for everyone. Clearly idiot boy didn’t get the memo.

So being the good neighbor that I am, I am cutting the vines growing thru the fence and tossing them into his yard. The vines are fucking sharp no matter what kind of gloves you wear, and getting them disposed of usually results in scratches that look like you’ve lost a fight with a cat. So besides dropping a hint, it makes my life easier.

I should also mention that Oregonians love blackberries just as long as the are grown in someone else’s yard.

What do you think?

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