Day 178 – Chicken Run


I went outside to check on the chickens.  Garbanzo has been obsessive about their safety lately.  Not that I blame him, but it was getting pretty bad recently.  Since he was gone, I figured I should assume chicken duty.

I found them in the front yard which means they were out of their run.

Guess we have a real live Ginger and Mac from the movie.  They had snuck out and were grazing in the yard digging up the grass, I might add.

Notice behind them.  Can you see the chicken wire?  They are really supposed to be behind it – not on this side of it.  They snuck under the wire.  Yeah, a more permanent solution will be occurring on Thursday when I have the day off.  I have a couple of solutions to this problem.  Now I just need to find where Garbanzo put my drill.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Not to be a killjoy, but keeping chickens in a coop is all but impossible. For about three weeks we had about a dozen laying hens.. And they were probably in their Fort-Knox-of-a-coop about half that time.. Never did really figure out how they were getting out towards the end.. But, they kept pooping on the car, so they had to go..

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