TKD Testing Part 2


Because I mentioned uploading video from my girls’ TKD testing yesterday, I thought I would brag a bit (it is in the parental handbook).

DJ is now officially a Red Belt!  This means she has two more belts before she tests for her black belt.  The further she goes, the more focused she becomes.  It’s amazing.  Garbanzo better start looking into trips to Korea as I suspect next summer will be the summer she earns her trip.

Here she is breaking 3 boards doing a step forward back kick.

Untitled from Emmy on Vimeo.
And Indigo is officially a Green Belt!  As much as the man drives us nutty, Master G knew she could pass.  I have to give it to him.  I didn’t think she could do it.

Here is Indigo doing a flying side kick.

Flying Side Kick – Green Belt Test from Emmy on Vimeo.

What do you think?

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