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I spent too much time in front of a computer.  I can claim most of it is job related, but that is only partially true.  Sure, I get paid to spend 40+ hours a week online in email, on the Internet, and in applications.  But, I’m also a geek at heart who loves technology.  What does a geek do in her spare time?   Look up things online.  I do other things too – but a thought can take me online pretty quickly.

I have a bunch of news feeds in addition to my feeds from my favorite blogs.  All show up nicely for me in Google Reader.  Who knew that one of the technology articles would collide with a topic related to many of my favorite bloggers – sex!

Let me back up for a second.  This isn’t the first time it has happened.  But, the last time, it was something everyone in the technology sector was making fun of.  It was a system that you used, while in bed with your partner, that would guide you through being a better lover.  Not all geeks are clueless in this area of life contrary to what the movies might make you think.  But clearly this Asian company thought there was a market.

The title of the article that grabbed my attention as I was scrolling through the thousands of iPhone articles?

“Maybe That Guy Does Need to Get Laid After All”

Definitely one of those articles you have to read especially when you find it in an unexpected way.

According to a new study by Dr Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, regular sex can improve your performance at work.  To be honest, I can’t find this new study.  Her site doesn’t have anything about it yet.  But I did find something in the Washington Post (but it was a reprint of the above article).

Her assertion from the study is that regular sex makes you more creative when problem solving, more of a team player, and make you more trusting at work.  The testosterone boost can also make you more competitive and confident.

I think most people feel that a regular orgasm can relieve stress and release those feel-good endorphins. But, making you a better team player?  More creative problem solver? More trusting? At work?

I guess if you are a swinger, you would definitely need to be a team player especially in group play (versus just a swap).  All working together for a common goal – satisfaction.  Even if you go down to 1×1 play, you could make the same argument that if you are doing it right, you are both working towards a common goal – together.

And, along those same vein, you may have to do some creative problem solving along the way.  Hell, that can even happen if it is just you and your spouse in the bedroom.  What immediately pops in my mind is sex while pregnant.  When pregnancy hormones make you hornier than hell during a time when the belly is in the way, you have to use creativity to solve the “which position” problem.  Or I can think of many times when we had to be creative when Garbanzo was injured and bruised after a rugby game.  So, I guess sex could make you more creative in looking for solutions.

More trusting is an interesting assertion.  On one hand, some could argue that to take that “intimate step” with someone, you have to have a degree of trust.  But, the cynic in me would like to point to the drunk 20-something year old girls at the concert Friday night who were pretty much throwing trust out the window when looking to hook up and get laid.  But, then again, there are some things you can try in the bedroom that does require, IMO, a degree of trust beyond.  I don’t think, however, those things make people more trusting with other people.  Maybe with that person, but overall – unsure.

Sex at night make you a better employee Monday morning? Maybe.
A nice way to blow off some steam after a shitty day at work? Yes!

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  1. Just me... says:

    Um.. Yes, yes, yes..
    Let’s be honest. Even mediocre sex makes the day better!! Regular doses of mind-blowing sex? It’s gotta make you a happier camper all the way around!!!! :):)

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