My Favorite Thing about Summer Vacation


Waking up to a quiet house.

Not having the chaos of trying to get ready, fighting Garbanzo for the shower, and trying to get the girls up and dressed and eating breakfast.

Not being annoyed that the latter part of the above list resulted in me not having time to make myself a cup of coffee for my drive to work.

Knowing that the only person I need to worry about is me.  And if I’m running late it is because of my own choices – not the actions of those involved in the chaos.

Did I mention the house is quiet?  No noise.  No nothing.

This is why I like summer vacation.  Yeah, everyone but me is home and having fun all day, but I like the change of pace in the morning.  It is definitely a compromise, but one I’ll gladly make.

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  1. Just me... says:

    For a few days last summer, I had these moments.. The quiet was deafening!! But nice..
    However, the first day I had that quiet plus a little extra time, tried to cram it full of ‘stuff’ (housework, bill paying, attempts at organizing)!! And still skated into work just in time!! :):)

  2. Lucky you! And it seems that Garbanzo is busy with his to-do list.

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