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I read a blog called The Park Bench.  The site is dedicated to “nerdy women”.  I consider myself a geek, not a nerd, but that can become a discussion of semantics.

Through her Thursday Randomness post, I discovered the Dr Seuss Parody Page. She had posted a link to the Dr Seuss Meets Star Trek.

If you studied way too much literature in your life, you might like the Dr Seuss version of the Inferno.

An ER fan may enjoy what it would be like if written by Dr Seuss.

I personally found Spam-I-Am to be quite funny.

I am always looking for things for the kids to do that doesn’t involve TV, computers and/or gaming systems.  Especially during the summer.  Craft is a quarterly magazine that I love for the ideas on how to make and re-purpose things.  They have a great online blog of ideas that they update constantly.

They have a Summer Camp category where they are giving parents ideas of things you can do that are Summer Camp-like in a nature -but can be done at home.

One of the ones that I liked was for bead making (gluten free, if you have a child with that allergy).  I don’t think I’ll use it for bead making necessarily.  The kids might have fun making other things with it.  There are instructions for drying the creation, etc.   Figured this one might be a good rainy day project – since we seem to be still at risk for those.

Oh, and here is another idea (non-kid one), that I liked.  Mini-lanterns out of used jam jars.  We are always looking for ways of lighting our patio area when we have people over.  This seems like a neat way.  And, while she uses what she had on hand, I suspect you could do the same thing but with things you find at Lowe’s or something.  Hmm…might have to try it.

But, I am going to try to make this recipe this weekend.  The strawberries are in and this tart looks yummy.

And while I’m looking at interesting food sites, I have to mention the Raw Epicurean.  It was a link I found from one of the Twitter people I follow.  She was going to make a Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake, and the fact it was made “raw” intrigued me.  While I may not understand or agree with the rationale behind the raw movement, I sure find it fascinating to read about.

The last thing I leave you with are Jellyfish Crop Circles.  Years ago, there was a field near Portland where a crop circle was discovered.  Of course, it got lots of media coverage, etc.  A coworker of mine is friends with the owner of the field so would give us updates on the crazy calls he was getting from people.  He pissed everyone off when he got fed up with the circus that was occurring and plowed the whole thing under.  He told everyone that had he known the attention it would have created, he would have done that right away.  I don’t know why but it is now what I think about every time I see something about crop circles.  Sure it may look neat and make people wonder, but behind there is probably some poor farmer who is thinking “why me?” and “where’s the plow?”.

Hope everyone has a great weekend filled with sun!!

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  1. Just me... says:

    The Dr. Seuss link is hilarious!! Thanks!!
    Crop circles.. Why do I always feel the need to figure out how they did that? :):):)

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