Day 172 – A Ball


A couple weeks ago, my back was bugging me. We had been sitting in a conference room for six hours, and the chairs are not the best. A coworker had brought in an exercise ball to sit on, so I went and asked to borrow it. My intention was to use it to try to pop my back, but soon found that sitting on it versus my chair was helping more than anything else. So I’ve been sitting on it since.

I asked him the other day if he wanted it back. He said to keep using it until he did. It would just gather dust if it was in his cube. His intentions to use it has never happened. I should mention that I did have a similar ball years ago, but it disappeared when I was out of the office. It is funny to watch people’s reactions when they see me sitting on it. But I will have to admit, in my chair, I was an ergonomic nightmare. I never sit and type in a way that makes the safety people feel like I don’t have an office injury in my future. I do know. If you don’t, you will provide comic relief for the office as you fall off the ball. And no, I don’t know that from experience. At least not with this group.

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  1. Just me... says:

    This might be a chair worth looking into for the future..

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