Day 170 – Arthritis


Bob is officially arthritic in his hips.  The tumor we found a couple of months ago is nothing.  It just looks like something when his hips are sore.  I could tell today that the medicine has kicked in because he was outside romping around with Harry.  In fact, he was taunting Harry to try to tackle him.  I haven’t seen him do that in a year.  It’s good to see Bob happy again. 
 (Well, that’s relative since he’s a lab – and labs are usually very happy even when they are sick they are happy.)

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  1. I am glad your puppy is feeling better. I hope he tolerates the meds well for a long time.

    Also, some chiropractors will work on dogs, it might help.

  2. Just me... says:

    Nothing better than seeing your puppers feel better!! Throw him the ball once for me!! :):)
    My Dad took his old dog (Chow/Spitz mix) in for acupuncture starting when she was 15 and her hips were beginning to give her problems.. He swore by it.. She lived to be 18!!
    Bear in mind, this was a man who viewed even chiropractors with a jaundiced eye!! :):)

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