Day 162 – Pride


Today was the Portland Gay Pride Parade.  We attended as we always due and were happy to be in the company of Derek as well as a few of their rugby teammates.  And, as always, we made friends with all of the lesbians with kids nearby.  This year, one of the moms was wearing a shirt which said on the front “Well, there are lesbians….” and on the back said “and there are drunk straight girls” with a picture of a girl in a large martini glass.  She makes these shirts.  I love it.  Kind of goes along with a discussion Hubman had on his blog a while back.  (Click here if you want to read it.)  Anyway, Garbanzo got her card – and promises to get me one.  Each year at Pride, I find a t-shirt that I love the message of and have to buy it.  This was my choice this year.

Anyway, back to the pictures.  I will give you a vignette of the signs and random pictures I took this year.  You won’t see any drag queens in it.  I think I’m saving them for a different post.  Many were so fabulous that they should be a focus of their own.

(this guy is one of the owners of the local balloon shop – thus the “Blow Me” t-shirt.)
Dykes on Bikes.  
The Gay Color Guard
Geeks – notice the guy with the iPhone behind him.
Everyone Loves A Parade in rainbow colors.  Her sister had one that said “My Moms ROCK!”
Nike and Intel usually have a gay pride-off.  Who is most supportive of their gay employees.  Nike won this year.
They all had t-shirts with this logo on it.
Sign being carried by a Mormon – it reads: “If I knock on your door, can I show you my missionary position?”
I love this: “cupcakes don’t hate why should you?!”
They made a nude calendar they decided to give a sample of by where these:

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  1. That looks awesome. I am going to take the kids to Boston Gay Pride next year.

  2. Just me... says:

    I sooo agree with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care”.. As long as ANYONE behaves with certain decorum (only having sexual relations in a location where all concerned agree it’s okay), then who cares?
    Basically, I don’t want to be walking in the mall with my daughter and seeing anyone doing the grope/make out, don’t care who you are!! :):)

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