Day 152 – An Explanation, Of Sorts


When we first bought this house 10 years ago, we discovered that you could not keep the front screen door closed.  We fixed the latch.  We fixed the spring mechanism.  But, finally decided that it was a result of the weather we get.  Our house faces east, and it’s location ensures the front screen door will alway be caught by the strong eastern winds coming out of the Columbia Gorge.  A couple slams of the screen door to the house, and the frame is bent just enough that it will not longer close.

A year after we moved into the house, we just removed the screen door, sick of hearing it bang in the wind.

A couple years ago, we installed a new-to-us screen door.  Avid “re-users” as we are, we found one that was almost brand new at the local Re-Building Center – a center where you can donate building supplies and purchase them for your house at a fraction of the cost of new.  It was a phenomenal deal, and we were happy to have a screen again.

Two dogs, two kids, two cats, and the east wind later….

The door, or at least the screen, needs to be replaced again.  Indigo does not help the situation.

I’d scold her as I usually do, but the dogs are the ones who destroyed it for the last time.  They decided to chase a dog being walked by the house.  I think once we replace the screen, we are going to add one of the metal grate things to prevent this from happening again.

Add it to Garbanzo’s summer project list.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Dogs, cats or kids.. Life is rough for a screen door!! :):)

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