I hate drama.

Have you picked that up about me yet?

And, when drama is starting, I do my best to turn it onto its head.  I find that is my role with my parents and brothers.  I find I do that well in business.  I don’t thrive on confrontation, but I’m more of cut the shit and get to the root of the matter sort of person.  And, I can even do that with strangers.

Last Friday, Garbanzo and I were sitting outside of the taekwondo school reading.  The lobby where parents can watch is fairly small, and all of the parents decided to watch that day.  We chose to sit outside in the sunshine instead being crammed inside with the other parents.

Next door to the taekwondo school is an upscale salon where all of the self-important seem to go to get their hair done. Out of the door came this woman on her cell phone walking to her car and talking very loudly about how important something she was doing was.  Her high-end Lexus was parked next to my car which Garbanzo had been driving that day.  She makes a big production out of having to “call the person back because of an issue”.  Then she turns to Garbanzo and asks, “Is this your car?”


“The door is open, and that’s plain rude.”


Garbanzo looks and finds that kids left the driver side door ajar after climbing inside to get something. And the door was near her car – not touching it.  He goes over, closes it, thanks for her letting him know, and apologizes because he though she had needed to get into the passenger side of the car.  When he starts talking to her, he does so using his teacher voice which is diplomatic and professional.

But, she isn’t finished yet. And no, she didn’t need to get into that side of the car either.

She claims there is a scratch on her door.  And starts chastising him for personally doing it.  Her tone was very much like he knew it was her, and decided to go out of his way to do this to her.  When he goes to look at her car to see if there is damage or even talk to her, she shoos him away, continues to chastise and say “I don’t have time to deal with it.”  She then relaunches into a rant about rude people, etc, etc.  And like her cell phone call, she is doing it loudly.

At this point, I’m done.  I’m sick of the drama she is creating.  The week has been long.  And, don’t fuck with people I care about – friends, family or otherwise  – especially if it is for no valid reason.  Nothing will set off my temper faster than doing that.  So, I jump into the conversation right as she’s starting round 3 of her rant at Garbanzo.

“Look, our kids left the door open, not him.  Now maybe you don’t have kids, but that shit happens. And, clearly there is nothing wrong with your freaking door or else you would have time for us to make it right.  You just want to rant and rave.  You don’t care if you get an apology.  So if you’re too busy, then be too busy and leave already!  We are done discussing it!”

I don’t know who I shocked more – this woman or Garbanzo.

She get into her car, starts to open her mouth to say something again before she is shutting the door, but thinks better of it when she sees I am just standing there daring her to continue. Then she starts her car, glares at me one more time, and leaves.

I hate drama.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Who knew you could be such a bitch? *wink*

  2. Just me... says:

    Congrats on ending the drama!! Sometimes it just has to be done!!! :):)

  3. Osbasso says:

    Ah, but you handle it far better than I!

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