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After spending a week in way too many meetings, I have taken the day off.  Actually, I have some stuff around the house I have needed to get done – and haven’t been able to do.  Mainly, I needed to clear out the closet in our guest room.  Since it is large and has built-in shelves, the closet has become the catch-all for various things over the years.  Since Mexi was moving in today, I figured I should get it cleared out.  Mission accomplished.  Just wish I had taken allergy medicine beforehand.

Emmy + Dust = Killer Migraine

I only wish I would have these realizations ahead of time.  Works much better.

But at least, I picked our only nice day of the week take off.  The rains, sadly enough, return tomorrow.


I had to lecture an IT person about their choice of passwords this week.  If you think you are being tricky about using your wife’s name as your password, you aren’t.  I don’t care what number you add to the end.  Yes, a coworker unwittingly revealed this info to me.  When giving him shit about it while standing in his cubicle, I noticed it was posted on a piece of paper on the wall of his cube.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone turn that shade of red before.  And he should of – that is just plain embarrassing.

I did read an article on Lifehacker the other day about using your passwords to motivate you.  With a title like that, you have to read it (or at least I do).  I did like the point of the article.  You have to change the passwords frequently anyway (and if you’re like my company, we don’t let you use the last 10 passwords you’ve used previously).  So, you might as well create a password around a goal you have for yourself.  On a diet – maybe your password should be “stop+eating+junk!”.  Trying not to drink so much coffee – how about “no*coffee!”.  For me, I like using phrases for passwords.  Less likely to forget them if you just start creating random ones.  And, if weight loss, for example, is on your mind, you might as well use it as a reminder.  In case you are also wondering, I structured my password examples how I create passwords – punctuation galore.  you can use numbers, but I like punctuation better.


While I complained about the number of meetings I’ve had this week, I have to admit we got some pretty good stuff accomplished in them.  Having people from all areas of business in a room certainly tore down some walls between some organizations this week.  In fact, a discussion yesterday that started off as an innocent question grew into an epiphany for many people today.  Kind of a “what the fuck are we doing to ourselves” moment.  A HUGE breakthrough for many of these people who like to think they operate in a vacuum which is usually the root cause of the problem.

My boss the CIO missed the meeting where this epiphany happened, so I had filled her in on it before the meeting.  She starts our meeting with a recap of the past few days making it clear this is based on the info “Emmy told me”.  She doesn’t just mention this once – but more like a dozen times.  One of the guys I’ve worked with for way too long started laughing and said “I guess you have given us the opportunity to throw Emmy under the bus, if we felt like it.”  My boss didn’t realize she had done that until it was brought up.  I think she was having a hard time putting her thoughts into words, so using what I said was easier.  In the end,  very good progress was made – and I avoided being thrown under the bus.  And, I got to use the phrase that I love: “if you want me to tell you how to do it, I will.  But, I can guarantee, you won’t like my solution to your problem.”


I don’t quite know how I find them, but I have a knack of coming across unusual yet unique little blogs.  Like this one:

What Did You Buy Today documents one woman’s buying habits.  She posts what she bought today not by purely describing it or creating a list.  No, she draws a picture of it.   This woman teaches classes at Portland State University, publishes Zines, and attends conferences talking about consumption.  Starts making you think about your own spending habits…or at least it did for me.

We had dinner last night with one of Garbanzo’s ex-girlfriend from high school. She is working on her PhD in Women’s Studies and is back in town for the weekend interviewing professors for her thesis.  The first time I ever met Linda I knew we would be good friends.  We have a similar sense of humor which has been known to scare Garbanzo from time to time.  Especially since Linda is a lesbian.

It was great catching up with her.  And, hearing her stories about teaching classes as the university.  We were not surprised to learn that her students love her despite her propensity to break and throw chalk when her class annoys her.  I had a few professors like that.  We laughed because we suspected her class  in the midwest university has developed a fear of the angry black lesbian professor.  She said that thought has crossed her mind – but she’s fine with it.  

I leave you with the picture of the day.  My wisteria.  After dealing with the closet and the crawl space, I had to open the upstairs windows.  It was smelling quite dusty upstairs with all of the stuff moving around, etc.  The wind is blowing, and the room soon filled with the fragrance of wisteria.  It is in full bloom now.  The whole arbor is one big explosion of purple, lavender and white flowers.  And, it smells amazing.
Happy May Day!

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  1. Just me... says:

    I love wisteria!! It’s delicate- looking, fragrant and hard to kill.. My favorite kind of plant!! :):)
    Oh, and there was a time when every person in our, albeit small, group had used their pets name as their password.. Tells you how much we trust each other!! :):)

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