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Despite my attempts to avoid catching the stomach flu going around, I got it.  Which, of course, was going to happen because Garbanzo is at Outdoor School all week.  We used to have a joke whenever my dad was at National Guard Summer Camp for two weeks – if something bad was going to happen, it would be while my mom was flying solo.  Most memorably was the fan fire that happened.  Or the 100 degree high humidity week when we all caught the stomach flu – a very bad one that lasted almost a full week.  And it hit my mom the worst.  Thankfully a good friend of my parents spent the week taking care of all of us.  I remember this one because I remember laying on the hardwood floors with the fan blowing on me inside of a dark house.  Or when my dad’s hunting dog almost died.  

When Garbanzo left for his week of training in Vancouver, BC last summer, we had multiple tragic events.  The first was finding the neighbors tree in our backyard.  Or when one of the kids left the chinchilla cage open.  Bob, our yellow lab, was carrying around the female chinchilla playing with it like it was a toy.  Yes, she died.  And, we couldn’t find her baby chinchilla for 24 hours.  We found him, but it began the bottle feeding of a chinchilla which thankfully went well.  

Thank God for the Internet.  While I laid in bed today, I took advantage of Hulu.  There are a lot of advertisements about Hulu these days.  Something about aliens, I think.  Hulu has a lot of shows from NBC, Bravo, USA, and Fox.  So, as I’m sick in bed curled up under the down comforter,  I watched TV on my laptop.  And, I discovered a show that will be added to my Tivo.  American Dad! is from the creators of The Family Guy.  It is wrong and twisted and hilarious.  The premise is simple – Dad is a “true American” & CIA employee.  Mom is a stay at home mom.  They have two kids – the college aged daughter who is a feminist and hippy chick – and the son who is a geek.  Oh, and they have an alien who  lives in their attic.

Because I feel the need to share my discovery, I thought I would share a clip with you.

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  1. I hope you get over your bug soon…everyone at work has it and I still have not…fingers are crossed!

  2. Just me... says:

    You poor thing!! Nothing to do but rest… So, try not to Hulu too much and get some sleep!!! :):)

  3. Hubman says:

    Thanks for sharing your discovery!

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