Good News


Over the weekend, we heard that the complaining about our neighbor yielded results.

Our neighbor has been told his lease is not being renewed.  He is to be out of the apartment by 1-July.  And, I guess our complaint resulted in him apologizing to the other tenants in the building.

I’m rather surprised really.  I figured the owner would make him get rid of the crap, but I guess getting three  warnings from the city was enough to make him decide to just get rid of the problem instead of dealing with it. People amaze me like that – take the path of least resistance which is not to confront the issue.  It’s the owner’s choice really – but maybe he’s taking advantage of the situation.

The neighbors wonder if he is in denial. While he knows his time is limited, they don’t see any indication he knows he will have to leave.  In fact, this weekend, he was doing more garden improvements and adding to his garage sale.

I guess we’ll see what happens.  We are all happy that the four cars will be gone.  The shit between his house and mine will be gone.  No more crazy tent crap in the front of his house.  Hell, maybe we can do something about the fence between our properties now.  Crazy idea.

That four-plex is rapidly starting to act more like cooperative housing where all the neighbors pitch in to keep the place looking nice, taking care of the yard, helping each other out, etc.  In fact, the neighbors we’ve talked to put a nice patio area out back for parties and such.  I can only hope that whoever replaces him in that apartment fits into the attitude that has been created there.  All of our multi-family properties have taken on that tone over the past year, so it would be nice to continue to build this neighborhood feeling.

What do you think?

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