Day 138 – Save The Plants: The Musical


After picking up the kids at school, running them to taekwondo practice, and taking them out to dinner.  we had to go back up to the school  The three 2-3 classes of which DJ is a part of was doing a musical called Save The Plants.  DJ played a shrinking violet which was ironic given she is far from shrinking in personality.

The play was pretty funny.  The premise is that a school gets money to put in a new playground which means they will pave over the garden.  One of the students gets very upset by this idea and disappears.  Her friends who don’t understand, go to look for her.  What they find instead is the garden is alive.  In the end, as you would expect, the kids decide to save the garden. 

What made this even more funny was the fact they changed the teachers names to be actual teachers in the school – and the principal was renamed to be the principal in the school.  And the kids played those adults perfectly.

My Shrinking Violet

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  1. Just me... says:

    I know it’s just being a mom but I love my daughter’s plays, programs and recitals!! Nothing is better than seeing your baby having the gumption to stand up on stage and do their part with poise and enjoyment!!
    FYI – Excellent costume!! Even on short notice!! :):):)

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