Day 135 – After School


We are very, VERY lucky that the after school program at the school is amazing.  The woman (Jo) who runs the program had her kids at the school at one point in her life, so she has a connection to the school in a deeper way than others.  And, the assistants that she has chosen over the years have the same passion she does.  And her goal isn’t just to provide childcare, but to get the kids involved.  Several times a year, they do fundraisers.  During December, they raise money for Heifer International.  Halloween this year they made gift bags for the kids that would be in the hospital on Halloween.  Valentines Day, they make cards for the elderly in a local nursing home.  And, I believe they have also made cards for soldiers who are deployed as well.

Today was another gorgeous day – 80 degrees.  I was dreading going up to the school to be honest.  I caught this nasty stomach flu that is going around and would have preferred to stay in bed.  But, Garbanzo is spending the week at Outdoor School, so I didn’t have much of a choice.

When I got up there, I discovered that they were not inside.  In fact, the room was dark like it had not been used outside of the kids just dumping their book bags.  I walked out to the field and found them all outside.  The assistant was playing a soccer game with some of the kids.  The other kids were playing other games or hiding in the deep grass.  That is the thing I love about Jo, so wants the kids to be kids.  Instead of keeping them inside where it is easier to control where they are at and where they can play on computers and such, she makes the decision that they are spending the afternoon outside.  No computers.  No electronics.  Just kids being kids.  I love it.

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  1. Just me... says:

    I know that that elementary students need to learn how to use a computer. I know that they need to know read, write and do math.. They need exposure to science and social studies with a little music and art thrown in for good measure..
    But they also need to be kids.. They need to run and play. They need time to practice their social skills.. They need time to breathe..
    We’d do well to remember this, especially in these days of scheduling kids into so many activities that every day is filled start to finish.. 🙂

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