Day 130 – Concert & Other Stuff


Tonight, I had the joy of seeing both of my kids perform in the spring music concert.  The music teacher did a great job with each grade block (all classes are blended: K-1, 2-3, 4-5).  And for parents who have spent the day at work, she got the concert done in under an hour.  I appreciated her efficiency.

The funniest picture I got all night is when DJ had a solo.  First off, I’m a horrible parent.  I had no idea she had a solo.  None.  She didn’t mention it, nor did Garbanzo.  Hell, I’m surprised Indigo didn’t mention it.

She gets up there with the other soloists and I notice one thing.  She is literally head and shoulders above her peers.  The kids standing next to her are in her grade.

In fact, the kid right next to her is our friend’s daughter.  Notice the mike is set to be at DJ’s level.  The rest of the kids stood on their tippy toes to sing into it.  She did great.  She was confident and poised.  As weird as it sounds, I can see how much taekwondo has helped her.  Notice her stance – very attentive, very controlled, and definitely focused.   And her confidence was amazing.  People commented afterwards how together she was compared to the other kids who were nervous.

Indigo did just as well.  She had fun.  She has been singing the songs for months, so none were a surprise to me.  But, her enthusiasm was great.  Afterwards when I picked her up in her classroom, she introduced me to the two class chicks.  Let’s just say egg hatching did not go well.  The kids, including Indigo, do not know that their classroom chicks are actually swap outs.  Indigo was also excited to show us that she had lost, yet another, tooth.  Thankfully the tooth fairy stockpiles lost tooth gifts.

Before the concert, since I arrived to the school early to eat dinner with the family, I ran on their track.  Can I just say how much I love running in the rain?  I know, I’m weird.  But, I should also mention how much I hate running on tracks too.  So, there I am running in the rain, cursing the fact it is on a track, and being thankful for the amazing location, at least.  

I needed to run today.  My week has been bad.  I have decided that I shouldn’t be allowed around people.  Today, I started my morning getting into it with the head consultant on site.  What I had hoped would be a constructive conversation turned ugly.  Really ugly.  Like, me telling him that “I probably care more about the long-term solutions being proposed because I’m going to have to support the shit his team puts into place” ugly.  I ended up walking away before I threw my coffee cup at him.

Yesterday, I got pissy with a group of consultants and employees who had brought me in the room to tell me how I needed to do something.  I ended up hijacking the meeting, cutting the main contributor off at the knees, telling them how it would be solved, then adjourning the meeting.  I took this guy’s 2 hour meeting and made it 25 minutes.  Had his approach been different, I doubt I would have been that bad.  But, it wasn’t, so I was.

Monday, Mr Chatty almost got duct taped to his chair.  If that man showed up in my cube one more time, I was going to ask if he was lonely and wanted a cube mate.  If I put on my headphones, it was guaranteed that he would be in my cube two minutes later.  I don’t think I got through a single CD.  What did he want?  To talk….about nothing I cared about.

Outside of work, people were annoying me.  Not everyone, but some people.  A lot of it came down to expectations.  Or what they said they wanted actually matching what they were doing (or not doing).    I hate that.  I’m a person who says what she is going to do – then does it.  I know, crazy concept.  But, at least I’m not asking of others what I don’t expect of myself.

So, to those who have left comments, sent me emails and/or texts – I thank you.  Seriously.  I do.  My natural tendency is to say “fuck the world” and becomes a recluse at least for the time.  Thank you for reminding me that the world isn’t made up of people out to piss me off.  And thank you for giving me something else to think about.   Even if that drives me crazy in other ways. (As for that comment – you know who you are!)

Thursday, I get to pleasure of being full-time on the project that is pissing everyone off.  What does that mean? It means I get to be sequestered in a conference room with the business core team and the consultants – for the next three months.  How did I earn this pleasure? Well, I’m like Captain Kirk….a problem solver, someone who will jump into bad situations and rescue them.  Sorry, channeling Mr Chatty for a moment.  Actually, I believe it is a case of “no good deed goes unpunished”.  The boss has had it.  She has thrown the do-ers into the mix now.  Good for the project – bad for us.  This should be very interesting.  The only upside is the fact that I know the business team members really well.  We’ve all worked together for too long.  This will be very interesting.  At least if I’m stuck in the conference room, it means Mr Chatty won’t bother me.  Another upside!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great Thursday!  Great, if for no other reason, that Friday and the weekend is right around the corner!

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  1. Hubman says:

    Perhaps you need to find an occasional stress-relieving distraction during the day?

    Yay for DJ! At least you went. Last week ASM gave me the chance to skip DBs spring concert, so you know I did!

  2. I am glad the concert went well. As far as the people annoying you, its ok to want to retreat for a few days. Thats what a mental health day is for.

  3. Just me... says:

    Isn’t it the best thing to see your child, up in from of tons of people, with no visible fear at all and enjoying being there?
    Also, agree on the ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ viewpoint. Why is it they wait until they a project is in the toilet to call in the ones who will salvage it? Um, doesn’t it make more sense to include them from the start? Makes me crazy sometimes!!
    Hope today is much more relaxed for you!! :):)

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