Day 127 – Mother’s Day


I made a mistake.  I schedule a bike ride with a friend at 8am this morning.  I don’t regret the ride.  No, that isn’t the mistake.  I do regret not remembering that I was going to a concert last night.  I did not get to bed until about 1am.  I knew my friend would be early, so I had to be up by 7am so I would be ready for her arrival.  This after a week of late nights.  What was I thinking (or not thinking, in this case)!

What I had not counted on was the excitement of  the kids.  They had made Mother’s Day gifts at school this year.  Gifts they were very proud of, I might add.  Before the alarm went off, I heard them conferring outside of our bedroom door.  Did they have everything?  Should they knock or surprise me? (They knocked – I guess they can be taught.) I laughed when I heard them because you would think it was Christmas morning, not Mother’s Day.  Indigo and DJ made me a bird feeder.  DJ made a little vase with a marigold planted inside it.  Indigo made me a card written, according to her, in her best handwriting.  There were some other little odds and ends made in the after school program and their Spanish class.  It was all very sweet.

The ride was good.  We had a beautiful morning for it, and we followed a route I took last weekend.  Willamette Boulevard is a road the winds its way along an overlook in North Portland.  Following it gives you an amazing view of the city and the river.  We followed it up to the university and took a trail I remembered was there.  This looped us back to the house nicely.

I let my friend lead most of the way.  When I led for a few blocks, I found myself almost a block ahead of her.  I figured if I wanted a riding partner again, it was best not to make this first ride hell for her.  I did chuckle later though.  She was telling me how she didn’t realize there was an incline because it was so gradual until she heard me downshifting gears.  I was downshifting gears so I could keep pedaling at the same rate while not going faster than she was going.  Being a good friend, I just agreed with her.  Again, I’d like to have someone to ride with occasionally.  Best not to chase off my best candidate by inadvertently making her feel bad about her fitness level.

When we got back, Garbanzo had made brunch.  Made-from-scratch waffles, fresh strawberries, fresh whipped cream, sausage, cantaloupe, and mimosas.  Garbanzo even remembered that I needed some sugar free vanilall syrup for my latte. It was amazing!

Oh, and the kids were extra crazy for breakfast.  I don’t know what their issue was really.  Too much Wii, and up too early, I guess.

And, yes, Indigo decided to make a waffle sandwich with the sausage in the middle.  She is going to be the kid get the other kids dare to eat things.  She will do well, that is for sure.

The rest of Mother’s Day was fairly relaxing.  Got a new pair of running shoes – I desperately needed them.  And just tried to relax.  After dinner though, the three adults in the house will be trying to figure out how to make DJ a “violet costume” for her play.  She plays a shrinking violet.  She needs to be dressed like a flower.  Nothing like telling me at the last minute that she needs a costume.  Yep, needs to be taken to school tomorrow.  She told me about it today.   Happy Mother’s Day!

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