Day 121 – Rainbows


While I am sitting outside of taekwondo tonight being frustrated that I’m sitting outside of taekwondo instead of being at home, the skies open up and dump monsoon levels of rain on us.  The kids were inside the dojang stretching, and Mr Soto the assistant instructor was doing his usual talking to the kids.  If the kids have something to talk about, this is the time for them to talk.  After stretching, it is all business.

One of the kids groans and says, “Why is it raining again?”
Mr Soto, without missing a beat and totally straight faced says, “Well, Josh, we live in Oregon.  And, in Oregon, it rains a lot.  We don’t living the desert.”

All of the parents started laughing.  While we all bitch and whine about the rain, we did choose to live in the rainy state.  Good point, Mr Soto, good point.

I should mention that we love Mr Soto.  DJ wants to do board breaking for the school talent show this year.  Garbanzo inquired about the cost of boards.  Mr Soto totally volunteers to come up and do all of the holding and help DJ with some haikito demonstrations. We were just going to buy a few boards, but Mr Soto is out to make it really cool.   I’m betting DJ will be doing some flying side kicks. DJ is one of the few kids who can do them well.  And she takes great pride in knocking over the huge standing kick bags.  She did it six times in a row a few weeks ago much to the amazement of the other kids. (What the other kids don’t realize is that DJ figured out the point on the bag you have to hit with the foot to destabilize it.  If you hit it lower than that, it will never go over. Go higher than that point, and it goes over every time.  And yes, she told me that afterwards.  Gotta love her thinking!)

Anyway, in true Oregon fashion, the rains stopped and the sun came out in full force.  All the ingredients for a nice rainbow.  Unfortunately, I was in strip mall hell, so this was the best picture I could get.  Too bad too – because it was a double rainbow.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Somedays, strip mall rainbows are all we get.. We just have to enjoy them!! :):)

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