Conversations on the Way to School


With Garbanzo at Outdoor School all week, I have gotten the pleasure of taking the kids to and from school.  A task I normally avoid like the plague.  Why? On a good day, it doubles my commute time to an hour.  On a bad day….well, we won’t talk about that as it usually means a bit of road rage on my part.

What I miss out on are all of the conversations.  With Indigo, it can be fairly one sided.  But the conversation the other day was pretty entertaining.

Before we left the house DJ picked up a book.  I was teasing her in the car because the book was something at Indigo’s reading level, not on DJ “Miss Reading-at-the-6th-Grade-Level-Since-October”‘s level.  She finally explained it was really a joke book.  So then she started telling them.  This was my favorite exchange:

DJ: Why will the skeleton never get in trouble with the police?

Indigo: Uhm, duh – he’s a skeleton….

DJ: Nope – that’s not right….

Indigo: Because he’s dead.

DJ: Uh, no….

Indigo: Uh, huh – he is dead.  How can the skeleton get in trouble if he’s dead?

DJ: But that’s not the answer to the joke. The answer is because everything they try to pin on him won’t stick.

Indigo: But he’s still dead.

DJ: Don’t you get it?  I mean, you can’t stick a pin in bones.

Me: Why would the skeleton avoid getting in trouble with the police because you can’t stick pins in bone?  That doesn’t make any sense….

Both: Uhmmm…

Indigo: He’s dead!

At this point, we drove by the cows near the school which meant the girls had to stop talking and start mooing at the cows.

I love it when old phraseology doesn’t translate.

But I do agree with Indigo.

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  1. I know about the school commute. Its my responsibility and some days it drives me crazy and makes me want a lemon drop martini at 7am.

  2. Just me... says:

    My favorite is lining up to ‘drop off’ at school.. And the nitwit who parks in the drop-off lane, gets out and walks an 8 year old 15 feet to the door, where a teacher is standing watching the kids arrive!!
    Um, yeah.. It was a good morning. :)~

  3. Dana says:

    I like the way your girls think!

    I started taking Cam to school early this year. There was a bus stop incident (Cam’s behavior was at issue) and as “punishment” I started taking him to school (in my very small town, this ads 2 minutes to my commute). A funny thing happened though – Cam decided he really enjoyed this time with me. We’ve continued this routine and probably will through his last year of middle school. We leave, stop at the corner gas station convenience store for coffee (me) and Mountain Dew (him) and generally start our day together. At 13, this is time I cherish! I know many mom’s aren’t do lucky!

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