You Know You’re A Technology Geek When:

  • You send email to your cubical neighbor instead of just talking to him.
  • You use IM to talk with your cubical neighbor instead of talking to him.
  • You have a pile of power cords and adapters for computer things, but you don’t know where those computer things are.
  • You have more ethernet cables than networkable devices.
  • A non-technology person asks if the sentence you just spoke was English.
  • You can speak a full sentence in acronyms – I’m not talking the kind you use in IM or texting.
  • You have a drawer full of unopened manuals for the various high tech devices. You might need them.
  • But, when you do need them, you look them up online instead.
  • You also have most of the boxes those same devices were packaged in. You might need them.
  • Oh, and you never need those boxes.
  • You have more beta software on your computer than non-beta software.
  • You know when the next software rev will be released for many of your devices as well as what features will and will not be included.
  • Somewhere in your house is a land of misfit hardware devices – printers, keyboards, mice, old MP3 players, external CD-ROM writers, old webcams, monitors, etc. Why not get rid of them? You may need them for something!
  • You have three computers sitting under your desk, and none are hooked up.
  • You have a shelf full of technology books, your name is on them in case they are borrowed, yet the spines of the books don’t even have a crease in them. Worse yet – you buy the same book twice because you don’t think you have it.
This is an actual list of observations I made of myself as well as those on my team. We are a sad bunch of geeks.
Now if you’ll excuse me now, I must get rid of a few things…

What do you think?

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