Two Sites – Two New Addictions


I really wish I remembered how I discovered these sites on Sunday.  Given the fact that I mainly did yard work Sunday makes it even more baffling really.  Regardless, they have both been added to my must-read list.

The first is a site of lists called Listropolis.  There are lists for everything.  For example:

I like sites that have a lot to explore, and this one is definitely one of them.  For the geek in me, it has a list of geek stuff including humor.  There are lists for design, life, entertainment, etc.  A fun place to explore.
This site led me to a slightly more geeky site called Mashable: A Social Media Guide.  Started by a Scotsman, it follows a lot of the social networking sites – news, interesting articles, etc.   For example, want to know the latest Blogger news.  They have a channel for that which includes templates, top 25 lists for widgets, etc.  This is just one example.  
Plus there are interesting articles like one about social media and insurance and why the partnership is working.  I personally love articles like that as they show you how business is leveraging technology to reach the masses in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect.  Kind of like newspapers using Twitter to share news stories real-time – and how that is, in theory, helping them.  While you may see it in action, you may not understand the theory and ideas behind it.  I like seeing how the sausage is made, so to speak.  
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I just bookmarked Listropolis. I see being able to waste massive amounts of time on that site.

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