My Favorite Food Blogs

I love food blogs. Well done food blogs have great instructions, summarized recipes (for those of us who don’t give instructions much of a read), and great pictures so you understand exactly what you are cooking.

Here are some of the sites that make me drool:

Dutch Girl Cooking

Kay has a wide variety of recipes, and her photographs are amazing. Neat site sure to make you hungry just browsing. I have an ever growing list of things I want to try from her site. Now just to find the time to make them.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks 

I love Ree. I love this site. I love her other sites.   And her recipes are fantastic.  I recommend trying herShredded Pork recipe (which is to DIE for!!). Her version of Jamie Oliver’s Thai Salad is great! And she keeps it as simple as he does with is another bonus. And, I have also used her version of chocolate sheet cake when I couldn’t get my friend’s family recipe – he was out of town. I figured they are both from Oklahoma – how different can it be.  It was yummy. I tried all of these recipes last summer when we had a gathering at our house. Everyone LOVED them.

Chocolate & Zucchini

Clotilde Dusoulier is the author of this blog. She has a book by the same name. Living in Paris, you would expect a lot of French food – but her recipes have a lot of variety. I’ll be honest. I like short and sweet, and her posts can get a bit wordy….but obviously it hasn’t chased me away because I keep going back for ideas.

Some Clever Spoon

Jen is the author of this site. It is relatively new, but she has some great recipes. I want to make her Breakfast Cookies. Hmmm….maybe this weekend.

Gluten-Free Girl

Shauna is a woman, writer, foodie and new mom who’s life changed when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. Her blog is well written, tells great stories about her life (which now includes her daughter Little Bean), and cooking adventures with her husband, The Chef. She usually includes a glutten-free recipe which are amazing – and really gives some insight as to what living gluten-free means.

Enjoy…and don’t get too hungry browsing them.

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