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I have had my iPhone for around a month now.  I love it.  I am happy I decided to upgrade to it.  I don’t miss my Blackberry, and I like having everything on one device.  It was exactly what I was hoping to accomplish by getting it.

There have been some issues. The main one: you cannot send or receive picture messages in a very elegant fashion.  You can do it via email, but not receive pictures from a cell phone easily.  And, you cannot send one to a cell phone at all.  With a bit of research, I found two apps that get around this issue.  The first is called MMS Buddy which automates the photo retrieval process as implemented by AT&T Wireless.  Works really well.  And to send, I used a program called iSend MMS.  Another good application that is easy to use.  Apple promises to remedy this issue in June with their next software release, but until then, these work really well.

I found on one my favorite sites for Geek Girls like me (The Park Bench) a reprinting of a list from Time Magazine’s site. Generally speaking, I do feel the same way as the author.  I will leave you with the :

iPhone Terms of Service Agreement by Matt Selman.  
My comments are in bold behind each one.

1)  I agree that whenever I have my iPhone on my person, I will never be fully mentally present. If I am at work, I will be thinking about my iPhone.  If I am with my wife, I will be thinking about my iPhone.  If I am awake and near my iPhone, I will be thinking about my iPhone.   (I’m not quite that bad….Garbanzo can be.  I took his iPhone away after Easter dinner with his folks.)
2)  I agree that I will not check my email ten times a day on the computer.  I will check my email 10,000 times a day on my iPhone.  (Guilty. But, in my defense, I sit in a lot of really boring meetings at work.  It is either play on my phone or fall asleep.)
3)  I agree that I will let my kids take endless blurry photos of the dog with the iPhone camera.  At work, I will painstakingly erase these photos instead of working.  (Nope…I end up spending my time erasing other pictures though, but we won’t talk about them.)
4)  I agree that I will immediately shut off the AT&T 3G network, as it is still slow as Hell and drains the batteries fast as Hell and doesn’t really seem much faster.  (Worst battery life ever!)
5)  I agree I will never use any of the apps I install – except “LOSE IT!” –which I will enter my daily food intake with the obsessiveness of a lifelong anorexic.  (I’m not that bad.  I use 5 applications on my phone …even though I have about 15 installed.  But, I have been deleting the unused ones.  And, not just because I’m losing screen space. But I will have to say Lose IT is the greatest application ever!)
6)  I agree I will not feel jealousy as I watch my friends with Blackberries write email and text in actual typing speed, instead of super-slow and careful typo-ridden iPhone speed.  (I won’t feel jealous.  Having used a Blackberry for MANY years, typos are par for the course on both. I will have to say some of my typos on the iPhone have been far more entertaining. Thank you auto-correct which auto-corrects wrong!  And, curse words, if not watched closely, will be corrected into less powerful words like duck.)
7)  I agree I will not install any game apps on my iPhone.  Seriously, that would be the end of me. Seriously.  (I don’t have a smart ass comment for this one….I don’t find much joy playing games on it.  The internet distracts me enough.)
8 )  I agree I will not enter my “Lose It!” information while driving.  Or at least, I will look around to make sure no cops are looking while I input “tangerine – medium – 50 calories.”  (I promise, I only do that at stop lights!)
9)  I agree I will stop telling my wife, “No, really – this thing is better than Star Trek!  Could Spock go jogging and then go online and see his exact route around the neighborhood with how fast he was going?  Could he?  Could Spock do that???”  (It’s probably best I don’t even go looking for that application or else I will do the same thing – excluding the Spock references as I am not a fan of Star Trek.  I can be, somewhat, enthusiastic about technology as Garbanzo is well aware.)
10)  I agree to stroke the thick, heavy, magic-seeming, temperature-cool glass surface of the touch screen with a sensuality I have never bestowed upon a human being.  (While I do enjoy the weight of the iPhone in my hand, I don’t find myself stroking it…at least I don’t think I do. I have witnessed a couple of coworkers who I wonder if their iPhones have replaced women given how carefully and lovingly they handle it.  It is a little un-nerving really.)

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  1. Osbasso says:

    I can’t wait for AT&T to come to Montana.

  2. Hubman says:

    I want an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so stinkin’ jealous. I’m seriously considering the early termination penalty from Verizon, since we have 18 months left on our current contract.

    Other pictures? *wink*

  3. I love my iphone more then anything!

    The apps you told me about well for some reason they will not work on my phone…I have went round and round with At&t over it and they finally gave me back my money…no one can figure out why they won’t work on my phone…crazy.

    They curse word thing…I get “duck” all the time which just makes me even more mad 🙂

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