Images from Central Oregon – Part 2


My dad loves to explore.  He took Indigo and me out on one of his back road adventures.  I don’t remember what he was going to show us.  It was really unimportant in the end.

One of the areas I loved was, sadly, the victim of a forest fire last year.

Near the lake is a gorgeous camping area.  I decided if we camp this summer, we camp there.  Assuming of course, there are no fires in the area.  There is really only one way out of there.

We also came across a Golden Eagle.

Had I not spooked him, I could have had a much better picture.  My dad got the best one – him taking flight.  It’s amazing.

Here is another random picture I took.  The rivers are really high for some reason.  That’s good since the area depends on irrigation.  But, it is just unusual to see the rivers almost out of their banks.

I will spare you the many, many pictures I took of my niece.  Like any good child, she has already learned to pose for pictures.

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