Day 96 – Snarky

For the past two days, I have been fighting a migraine. Stress and allergies are the prime suspects for the cause, but the cause is really not my concern – getting rid of it is.
The stress at work added to the migraine has made me snarkier than normal. Much of my snarkiness is due to the fact I work with idiots sometimes. Yesterday, I spent two hours of my life trying to explain to a couple of engineers that I don’t really care what they want their implementation timeline to be, if they can’t tell me what they need the software for, they aren’t getting it. Money is tight everywhere, so you had better have a damn good business case for why you want to spend over $100,000 of it.
Today, I got to deal with the results of a dumb-ass business decision that was made in the other two offices (one is Europe and the other in Asia). In fact, as I am typing this, I am waiting for another call from the guy in Asia where I basically get to tell him that he will either need to do a lot of work himself during his day – or wait for me to deal with this in the morning. The guy that could help him get this done ASAP was forced to take time off (part of the dumb-ass decision that was made) – and, gasp, took his family back to his own country for the holiday. He is currently unreachable for any work related things. Big fucking shock – he is on vacation.
I knew the last two days were going bad when my chatty cohort came by my cube, shook his head, and said “thank God I don’t have your job”. I don’t know him well enough to express what I was truly feeling.
But, I did change my desk sign to this one. In case you can’t make out all of the words, it says “I’ll try being nicer, if you try being smarter”. It makes me feel better – and people think its funny. I still haven’t figured out why they never think it referring to them.
Oh, well….I’m off to find a beer. I think I’ve earned it, and it may make this call go better; assuming they actually call.

Update: So, it’s almost 10:30 pm, and I’m still up working on yet another problem.  It really feels like it is going to be one of those weeks.  The worst part about this – the fact I was utterly exhausted and sleeping (at 8:30 pm) when I got this fucking call.  And, to add insult to injury, I think the system fixed itself.  This is good because I get to go to bed, but it’s bad because I don’t know what happened….and I hate not understanding what happened for those 4 hours.  But, I’m not ready to celebrate yet; I have to wait for the guy in Singapore to give me the green light.  I hope it works because if it doesn’t, I may actually have to venture into the office….which is 30 miles away.  Sigh.  At least, until then,  I have a good book to read until then.  Have I mentioned my headache is back?  Fuck! 

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  1. Hubman says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough week at work. Maybe someone will find a way to cheer you up 😉

    I LOVE that sign! Where’d you get it? I want one!

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