Day 114 – Sunday Dinner

We usually don’t do anything special for Sunday dinner, but tonight we had a friend over for dinner.  Our plan yesterday to make risotto out of our Farmer’s Market finds was delayed.  We decided to wait for him.

I’ll talk more about our friend in a couple days.  Dinner tonight was important, so we did what any adult did, and serve alcohol.  Three adults, two bottles of wine – it was a relaxing night for all – at least for me.  I had had a big breakfast (for me) and had exercised in the afternoon.  By dinner I was starving.  Garbanzo being the good man he is poured me a glass of wine as I was cooking.  I poured myself another one with dinner.  And our friend poured me another one after dinner.  Needless to say, I am one relaxed person tonight.  I just hope I don’t regret this tomorrow.

Our risotto consisted of:

Asparagus, shallots, onion, carrots, wild mushrooms – and celery (not shown.) It was yummy!  I had Garbanzo pick up some pancetta which we fried up and put on top of ours.  A perfect addition.

When you don’t know exactly which wine to buy, buy the one with the cool label.  At least that’s our philosophy.  I mean you are guessing anyway – so why not have an explanation behind your guess.  This wine – really good.  I’ll be buying more.  Pinot Gris reminds me of summer.  Until about 6pm, the weekend had been overcast and cool.  The sun came out for the evening, so Pinot Gris made me think of summer.

This wine was good too. I think I liked the other one better.  This one was a bit too sweet for me.  Not a good balance.  Listen to me, sounding like a wine expert or something.  As a friend once told me, drink what you like.

I also have a rule when drinking wine with men.  I only pour for myself, or let them pour if my glass is empty and I am supervising.  I drank with three men after sailing one night.  From the way I felt the next day, I drank one of the three bottles myself.  They never let my glass get empty or even close to it.  Polite, yes – a good idea on a school night, NO.

And a totally random garden picture.  Actually, it isn’t random.  I love poppies, and that is what these will be.  I love how they emerge from the plant.  I’ll let you all decide what they look like – if anything.

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  1. Great dinner and great company! thanx again and see you soon!

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