Day 113 – The Farmer’s Market

Armed with my Nikon D80 outfitted with my new lens, we went to the Farmer’s Market after dropping of DJ at her Girl Scout thing.  This time of the year, our Farmer’s Market has flowers, veggie starts, asparagus, and various root veggies.  Mixed in are all of the little mom & pop cheese stands, bakeries, smoked salmon and farm fresh eggs.

Our goal was to find tomato plants and which ever other veggies we could find.  The rest of the stuff was just bonus really.

There was a pickle stand with various pickled veggies. Garbanzo got the “variety pack”. Pickled veggies are very popular in our house.  Indigo just stood there jumping up and down saying she wanted a giant pickle.  She got one and proceeded to eat it in about 1 minute. 

We got some of these mushrooms as well as a bunch of asparagus.  Tonight, we are making risotto for dinner.  Yum!!
These are called Fiddleheads.  They are the unfurled fronds of young ferns that are edible.  People were going crazy over them today.  I blame Anthony Bordain’s Pacific NW Episode where they ate them on a camp out.  I suspect that is what has thrust them into popularity.
I mentioned that our family loves pickled veggies right?  I caught Garbanzo eating them while Indigo and I were getting carrots and baby bok choy.  He even looks guilty.

Indigo was in heaven because the wood baked baked goods place was there with fresh from the wood oven bagels.  She loves her bagels.  
And, I should mention that our goal of finding tomato plants was met.  I have three different kinds.  With the exception of the brandy wine, the other two are new varieties for me.  One is called an Amish Tomato – super fleshy with few seeds.  The other are cherry tomatoes called Chocolate Cherry.  They are a “port color” and very sweet.  I guess we’ll see.  I also got some basil because DJ has informed me that I will be making lots of pesto this summer.  As weird as it sounds, she fell in love with pesto while in Mexico.  
Overall, the trip to the market was cut short by the fact it is so fucking cold outside compared to how it has been.  I felt I needed my winter coat on instead of just my polar fleece.  How pathetic is that!
The rest of the day will be spent getting the house pulled together.  We may have a friend come and stay with us.  This is a friend that is more like a member of our family.  More details to come.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Can’t wait to be apart of this!

  2. Wood baked bagels? Hmmm… I love me some bagels.

    All of those pictures are so pretty! It makes me want to head out to a market.

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