Day 110 – Banana Bread

Garbanzo likes to bake.  He also likes to surprise people with things.  So when a friend of ours asked if he made banana bread, he decided to make her some as a surprise.  He told her he was going to do it, but  I am always surprised at how people don’t take him seriously.

So tonight, I ran it over to her.  She was happy, but not too surprised.  I had forgotten that she had heard the story about Garbanzo making a sample wedding cake for our friends – after he made an off-hand remark about how he would make their cake for them.

It was fun playing delivery driver.  Garbanzo decided I was his “Emmy-sary”.  Isn’t he clever?

I got to hang out with friends for an hour.  And, I got to play with their beautiful German Shepherd which was a bonus.  Not a bad Wednesday!

What do you think?

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