Happy Square Root Day!!


How could I have missed this day??!  I guess I was too occupied with the fact it is my mom’s birthday, and I have yet to do anything fo her.

What is Square Root Day?  It is when the day and the month equal the square root of the year (as expressed by a two digit number).  Or:

3 x 3 = 9

(March 3, 2009)

And here is a trivia fact (that only a math geek could appreciate),  the next square root day will be 2 years from the last one.  The last one was 5 years ago (2/2/2004), so the next one will be 2016 (or 4/4/2016, not 8/8/2016 –  thanks for catching my mistake, Dana!! Guess I got too excited in my posting).  The next one will then be 9 years from then, or 5/5/2025.  The first one of the century was obviously 1/1/2001.    Square Root Day only comes around 9 times a century which makes sense given this pattern.

I love numbers.
And yes, I’m aware of how big of a nerd this makes me.  

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  1. Dana says:

    Ummmm … does it make me a bigger nerd if I say the next one happens on 4/4/2016, not 8/8/2016?

  2. Emmy says:

    Thanks Dana! This is why I don’t usual do quick posts….I make stupid mistakes like adding instead of multiplying numbers. 🙂

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