From the Mouths of Babes

Kids say the craziest things sometimes.  I think we’ve all been there before.  They will tell teachers or other adults anything without thinking about what they are really saying or even asking themselves if this is something they should be sharing.

Sometimes they do it because they find it funny and want to share the humor with others.  Like last summer when Garbanzo went to Vancouver BC for training.  He had asked me what I wanted him to bring back.  I told him to surprise me, and he did with underwear with the Canadian flag on it.  The girls thought it was funny and told everyone including my parents, my brothers…you get the picture.

Last week was spirit week at the school.  And, spirit week usually ends with pajama day – a day where everyone comes to school in their pajamas.  The first year DJ was at school, she was super excited about pajama day.  She and her teacher were talking before school about pajama day, and DJ commented to her teacher that her dad had to find pajamas because he usually sleeps….naked.

I’ve mentioned that our children attend the same school that Garbanzo teaches at, right?

I love DJ’s kindergarten teacher because she took it in stride, made a comment about how some people like to sleep that way, and changed topics.  Then she went and found Garbanzo to tell him.  He was thankful it was this teacher and not one of the others.  She isn’t a gossip nor does she join in the throng of jokesters, so we knew it would die pretty quietly.  I think the only thing we could have done without was her comment to make Garbanzo feel better – it was “I had to find pajamas too because I usually sleep nude”….too much info.

I’m just thankful that these are all of the statements that have been made.  The Principal has his two kids at the school too, and he has had much worse to deal with in terms of things his son, specifically, has said.  One of his off the cuff statements landed him a suspension.  Could you imagine having your dad suspend you?  Another was pretty hilarious really.  I won’t go into all of the details, but his son was telling his friends about seeing video of his parents in various sexual positions with odd food items….and I mean odd food….stuff you would NEVER think of as “sexy”.  And, this got back to the principal via a parent.

That really is the upside and downside of this school.  It is small, the parent community is very tightly knit, and everyone knows everyone else’s business.  The good is that everyone is supportive of everyone else.  The bad is that these kinds of statements would spread like wildfire through the parents.  And, they have LONG memories.

The good news for us is that we got through this year’s spirit week unscathed.  Now onto Spring Break!

What do you think?

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