Day 82 – The Snorkel

Over the past week, we have been getting weird little emails from my in-laws.  Some of them are requesting things to be brought to them.  Things like chocolate chips and Italian seasoning and kippered herring.  Others are telling Garbanzo what they have planned and suggesting what they should include in the packing.

Their latest email suggested finding DJ a snorkel, mask and fins for the trip.  They have already made reservations to stay on the beach and want to take her snorkeling.  Last time I went snorkeling with my in-laws it was also in Mexico – off shore a sea lion preserve.  Having sea lions think you are their playmates was not exactly fun especially when the guides in their broken English explain that the sea lions have been known to grab people and pull them under.  But, don’t worry, they would quickly say, they let them go before anyone drowns.   Maybe letting my in-laws take her out isn’t a great idea….

What do you think?

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