Day 77 – Another Redhead

The week before Spring Break at school is traditionally Spirit Week.  Each day, the kids have another day to prepare for.  Monday, each class was to dress in a certain color.  Tuesday was crazy hat day.  And, today was crazy hair day.  One year, DJ went with blue hair.  One year, she went with pig tails all over her head.  This year, the girls went with red hair.  DJ’s hair is red, so it was just redder.

Indigo wanted red hair too.  I left for work before I saw the end result. It is quite red and streaked in odd ways.  But, she was happy, so, I guess, mission accomplished.

Now we have to get her to wash it out of her hair.  Hope it comes out….guess I’ll find out soon.

Tomorrow is mis-match day where the kids are supposed to dress in things that don’t match.  My kids prove almost daily that they won’t have a problem with that one.

What do you think?

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