Day 71 – Sunshine

The downside about being sick the past few days is missing out on the gorgeous days we have had.  Blue skies, not a cloud in sight, and about 55 degrees.  The wind makes it a bit cooler than 55 degrees, but the sun makes up for it.

I wished I was a cat and could find a sunny spot in which to curl up.  The dogs have wanted outside just to lie on the back deck in the sun.  Ahh….to have a life that simple.

I did go outside and discovered I have daffodils on the verge of blooming.  The previous owners over planted the yard with …bulbs, trees, shrubs, pretty much everything.  These are left over from their over planting.  I guess they were buried deep enough that they were missed during my quest to remove all of the bulbs from that flower bed.

I guess I should start looking for when the daffodil fields bloom.  At the very least, I can go and take some great pictures.  I love spring.

And for those of you whose weather isn’t as nice.  You will be happy to know the rain will return on Saturday, just in time for the weekend.  That is another thing about this time of the year.  The sunny nice days are during the week, and the weekends are filled with rain.

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  1. Dana says:

    I am so envious …

    Our high today was 24. It was 5 when I got up this morning. We won’t be seeing daffodils until April 🙁

    I do hope you are feeling better!

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