Day 68 – Snow?

Out past the trees and houses in the picture above are the West Hills.  But, you cannot see it because of the odd snow showers that we have had all day long.  The other day, I posted a picture of my desk.  If you do a 180 from where it was taken, you can see the view (which is not this one, but very similar).  All day today, I would see the storms pass over the hills.  The hills would disappear in a cloud of white.  And the white would just spread until, at last, it would hit where I was.  
Sometimes the snow resembled more hail than snow.  Other times, it would come down in huge fluffy flakes.  While it never stayed long, it was just amazing to see especially when you contrast the blooming rhododendrons and trees.  What an odd day.

What do you think?

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