Day 67 – Wisteria and Bad Angles


Ahh, Oregon….land of strange spring days. Where you are waking up to snow in the morning only to have lightning later on with a down pour of hail. We have literally had snow, rain, hail, lightning, and blue skies today. And, since my wisteria is about ready to pop, I knew I had to get out there between the odd weather and get it back off of our house. If I was feeling generous, maybe even get it off the neighbor’s house. The latter was only if I was feeling nice (because the owner doesn’t take care of his plants that grow into our driveway and rub against our cars, so part of me has hit the “fuck it” stage…but that’s for another post).

While you can’t necessarily see it in the picture, we were able to get it off of our house. (I had to take the picture from our laundry room, thus the bad angle..) I will take more pictures of it later as it blooms. I give it about two more weeks. I was given the wisteria for Mother’s Day right after DJ was born, and it loves its home and graces me with blooms all spring and summer.
I will take lots of pictures because I have to torment my father-in-law with them. He gave me the wisteria about 5 years after his was planted. His wisteria would not bloom. It was lush and beautiful, but never a blossom. To this day, he is jealous. I should mention that he told it one year that if it didn’t bloom, he was ripping it out. It gave him exactly one blossom.
But our plum tree will bloom this week, I think:

What do you think?

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