Day 64: Rare Events


The first was rather surprising really.

Indigo passed out at 4:30pm.  To be fair, she has been doing battle against this bug going around, and unlike many of her classmates, she appears to be winning.  I have my fingers crossed that she is still on the upward swing of things.  But, the fact she was passed out 10 minutes after leaving taekwondo scares me a bit.  This never happens.

The other rare event is more of a nod to my coworkers who have been giving me shit about this all week.

Yes, my desk was clean on Monday and is still clean today.

Now before you get the impression that I am a horrible slob.  If you’ve seen the movie Tommy Boy, you will recall the scene where Tommy goes into his love interest’s office and she has piles everywhere.   That is is how I work – piles, organized all over my desk piles.  I can always find what I’m looking for,  have never lost anything, and I find it is easier if the stuff is on my desk rather than in my stupid ass-rolling, can’t-fit-anything-into-it file thing.  (I’m a bit resentful about losing my office where I had a real desk versus a work surface that will collapse because it lacks the proper support and people like sit on it.)

What brought on this sudden spurt of pile removal?  All my damn projects are on hold.  Every single one of them – I had four pretty good sized ones.  It annoyed me looking at all of the work that is now on hold, so I filed it.  But, all will be right in the world again soon…..I have a new set of projects that I’m starting, so the piles will return.

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  1. Hubman says:

    So that’s where you’re sitting when we’re passing the time together on chat!

    I might have to take an office picture one of these days…

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