Day 62 – Surprise


After doing my time on the elliptical, I went out back to cool off and assess the damage to the gardens. Most things winter over nicely out here, but given the repeated freezes and snow, I assumed most things would need to be replanted. We have a lot of flexibility with plants (see Jennybean’s post about seed selection and zones – let’s just say this applies to anything you plant not just veggies.) But, when we get a winter like we had, you end up replacing plants and shrubs.

Imagine my surprise when I found this:
….my Hood Strawberry Plant alive and well. Given it was in a pot, I had expected to have lost it like I had my other ones. Hood Strawberries are the best strawberries, in my opinion. We eat our body weight in them during early June. Not off of one plant, mind you – we buy a lot of what we eat. We don’t have the space for that many plants.
In the front yard, my blueberry bushes are getting ready to bloom. I knew they would survive the winter because I bought a New England variety versus the bush that is more popular locally.
I think this weekend I may have to start the annual spring clean-up effort. That assumes it isn’t raining out. But at the very least, I should go out and pickup all of the random socks the dog has taken outside.

What do you think?

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