Day 61: Really?

On the way home from taekwondo practice, I was sitting there at a stop light pondering what I should have for my picture of the day. Nothing had inspired me all day (except maybe taking a picture of my clean desk at work which should be documented as it will likely not look like that for another six months.) Anyway, so I’m pondering what my picture should be when I notice a car one lane over in front of me that had a sign on it saying “Slumber Parties: Call and Book Your Party Today”.
My first thought was something with lingerie. That is the guy fantasy right. Women, alone together, in sexy lingerie, having pillow fights?
The thought had crossed my mind that this could be something like Passions or Pure Romance – a sex toy party. But I kept wondering if someone would really put a sign for sex toy parties on their family car (and it did look like a family car). Imagine showing up to drop off your child in it.
Just as I had dismissed that idea and was back onto the lingerie party idea, I saw this:
I guess that clears that up.

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  1. Hubman says:

    So did you write down the number?

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