Day 60 – Evil


Garbanzo returned from San Diego today and brought presents. (I think it was an apology for leaving me with the craziness this weekend, but I’m not going to complain about the thought.)

What I will ask is:
What the fuck was he thinking?? I’ve been doing a great on my New Year’s Resolution of eating better and exercise. Hell, I have almost reached my weight loss goal.

And, he brings me this:

I will only give you a preview of what is inside the box. (Truth be told, my lighting was horrible – so the picture turned out bad….and I said fuck it, and decided to use what I had.)

There are 12 of these evil things. They are larger than regular truffles, and Garbanzo claims it should last 12 days.

I have hidden the box. It really is for the best.

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  1. Garbanzo is evil. Lock him in a closet.

  2. i will come over and eat them for you

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