Wow Is All I Can Say!

I subscribe to a newsletter called Photojojo  which is dedicated to photography.  It’s a neat little newsletter that accompanying website.  It shares tips, tricks, DIY ideas, and gear info.  I enjoy getting it in my inbox a couple times a week.  It is what introduced me to the 365 Project – taking a picture every day.

Today, they sent out a neat story about a guy who found a digital camera at the bottom of a river.  Being the self described geek he was, he took it hope, disassembled it, and discovered all of the pictures (all over 200 pictures) were intact!!

Even further proof of his “geekiness”, he created a blog  in an attempt to find the owner.  Nine days later, he found the owner.  The website is brief, but you get a real sense of why he embarked on the quest.

Neat story.  But, what’s even more amazing is the fact there is a site  dedicated to finding people who have lost cameras or memory cards.  The moral of the story: if you lose the camera, don’t give up hope.  Someone may find it…..which may be good or bad depending on what kind of pictures you may have on the lost camera. 😉

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  1. Dana says:

    Thanks for the newsletter link Emmy! I’ve been hoping to find something to give me a little insight into photography without being overwhelmed with information. This seems to do the job quite well!

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