Day 58 – A Break in the Fog

After the snow yesterday, we were thankful that it did not rain like they had expected.  They were predicting that overnight it would get below freezing, and rain would have complicated my morning in ways I did not want.

Garbanzo is off to see his grandmother in San Diego.  We had to have him to the airport by 6:30am which meant everyone was up by 6am (with Garbanzo and I getting up at 5:30am).  I had forgotten about the freezing fog until we turned on the news.

We encountered it as we got near the airport.  Thankfully, we saw that planes were still departing despite it all, so there appeared to be no delays.  Nothing worse than getting up really early just to sit in an airport for a long time.

After dropping him off, we headed home.  I rarely take the girls to school.  So it was fun to drive them up there even though it is an hour round trip from the house.  On the way back down the hill, I was greeted with this site:

The fog was burning off and giving us a glimpse of what the weather for the day would really be like.

A close up view.  Mt St Helens, and uhhm….I don’t know which is the other one on the left kind of hidden.  It’s Adams, I think.

I’m hoping the weekend goes smoothly.  Last time Garbanzo was out of town, one of the chinchillas was killed by a dog, another was lost (but found the next day right before the cat got him), and the neighbor’s tree fell over into our backyard.  That a fun few days.  I could go without a repeat of that trip, thank you.

Happy Friday!

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