Day 53 – Brownies

Hmmm…brownies….don’t they sound good? 

But, I’m not talking those kind of brownies, but this kind:

When I was a Girl Scout, we never had to stand in front of stores selling cookies to the customers leaving.  But, DJ did.  Turns out, she was quite the sales person especially when selling the new flavors. 

I told her it was the Brownie Beanie we found for her.

Anyone else quote the movie Adams Family Values when someone asks them to buy girl scout cookies?  You know the quote, “are they made with real girl scouts?”

Or maybe it’s just me…..

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  1. I love those cookies. I also think its evil how they sell them in front of the stores now, especially since I have NO willpower.

  2. Jennybean says:


    she looks like a great salesperson…

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