Day 52 – The Places You Go

This was on the way back to the Taekwondo school.  When Garbanzo saw this picture, he didn’t know where I had taken it.  Ironically enough, he passes by this barn every day to and from school.  The steep curvy road he takes to get up to his school passes right by it.

Another view from the school Garbanzo teaches at and the kids attend.  We passed by on our way back to the taekwondo school.  Notice the snow on the coastal range out in the distance.  I should have payed closer attention to that this morning, so the rain and cold tonight wouldn’t have been such a surprise.

On the way back from the store, we passed this building.  Even in color, you would think the store was located in the middle of a war zone.  Or believe it is in the old, un-revamped area of North Portland near where we live.  (North Portland is still considered by many to be the ‘bad part of town’.) Neither are true – this is in a fairly upscale neighborhood.  When Portland doesn’t like the way something looks, the planning group goes in and tears everything out.  Then they rebuild it.  I guess that’s what they started doing here.  Regardless, I liked the way it looked.

What do you think?

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