Day 51 – Odd

The idea was simple – get a picture of my first born DJ with her blue belt. (I have a picture with her at each level.)  Except, I hadn’t counted on the fact that post-sparring, she’s a bit nutty.  So, I ended up with pictures like this:

“I’m not smiling. I am sweaty and don’t want my picture taken.”

“I won’t smile.  Hey, don’t poke me!”

“Okay, I’m smiling.  Are you happy??”
“Hey, where did that hand come from?!”
“Here’s a happy face!”

Yeah, I can’t take a normal picture of her.  She has a wacky expression in each one.  And, she is pretty proud of it which means she won’t stop anytime soon.  Can’t wait until she’s a teenager!

What do you think?

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