Day 50 – Vegan Food

As I have mentioned before, Garbanzo is a vegetarian.  Being married to a vegetarian is a pain in the ass a wonderful adventure especially when you are trying to eat out.  I won’t go into how much fun it is to do this while traveling through an agricultural area.

Three doors down from the taekwondo dojang is the best restaurant.  It is a Thai restaurant called Sweet Lemon.  All of the food is vegan – all of it.  The owners are a Vietnamese couple who have a religious belief that dictates veganism as a way of honoring God and God’s creatures.

We eat there at least once a week.  They prepare everything upon order, and the veggies are always fresh and perfectly cooked.  Our favorite is the curry soup.  It’s amazing.

Now for those of you who are going “yuck”, I will assure you that you likely wouldn’t be able to tell it is vegan.  I’ve had bad vegan, and it is flavorless.  This is not that kind of food.  We have fooled many people with this place – people who could spot vegetarian food a mile away.

And, the girls love this place too.  Why? Because the owner’s wife spoils them.  Every time we go in there, she is feeding them cookies and stuffing their pockets full of fortune cookies.  And they love Garbanzo.  They order his favorite veggie jerky stuff because he likes it.  That’s the only reason they carry it is because of him.

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  1. Thank you for pointing out the good vegan/bad vegan. I am always afraid to try the vegan baked goods though. Are any of those good.

  2. Emmy says:

    More recently, I’ve had a lot of good vegan baked goods. If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would not have said that. I think as more and more people bake vegan due to allergies, they have improved techniques.

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