Day 49 – School

When Garbanzo started teaching at his current school, I was in love with it.  His school sits as far outside of Portland as you can get and still be within the city limits.  It sits on top of the hill overlooking the valley below and is surrounded by farm land.

When we realized our neighborhood school was not going to work for us, we transfered our first born DJ up to go to school up there.  Since the principal’s son was up there too, we knew the transfer would get approved.

This is the old barn that sits where the old school was located about 100 years ago.  I love the fact that all of the kids know the story about how the school was moved down the hill to its current site.  I mean, how many elementary school kids have that sort of history about their school?

But, the view is what is spectacular.  As the days get longer, I’ll be able to get some better pictures.  But, I think you can get the idea.

In Garbanzo’s old classroom, this was his view out the window.

Oh, and I should also mention the wildlife around the school.  Cougars have been spotted hunting in the back field.  So have coyotes.  And, the kids love it when the local elk herd finds its way through the playground.  Imagine tire swings over the upright bar and just a big old mess.  And, I can’t forget the eagles that perch in the trees and hunt for mice in the field.  It’s a great experience for a bunch of city kids.

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  1. Great photos. How does Garbanzo concentrate with a view like that.

  2. Emmy says:

    Garbanzo doesn’t have to worry about that view distracting him anymore – he’s in the basement of the school now. But, when he wasn’t, he was known to hold class outside from time-to-time.

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