Day 48 – Puzzles

Right after we were first married, I made the mistake of solving one of those mind puzzles in front of Garbanzo.  We had walked into an odd little store, and there was a display of various puzzles where you had to separate the hoops or remove the hoop from the contraption.  He picked one up and confessed he could never solve them.  My mistake was to solve it while he was talking.

What has started since that day is his quest to find a puzzle I cannot solve.  The year he bought me flint and steel so that he could see if I could start a fire without a match was probably the worst he stretched the definition of “a puzzle”.  He has taken to buying these puzzles, disassembling them, and destroying all evidence of what the puzzle even looks like when assembled.  Then he will wrap each piece in each present at Christmas.  Oh, and I guess I should point out that this is his Christmas quest.

With the exception of the flint & steel, I have solved all of the puzzles he has bought me.  He times me at them – and the longest one took me about 2 hours.  Some friends got into the game one year for my birthday.  They decided they didn’t want to play anymore after I got close to solving the puzzle they had bought me within minutes after unwrapping it.

This year, the puzzle was a game called Pentago .  It’s like connect four, except you have to connect 5 & after your opponent adds a marble, s/he gets to rotate whichever section of the board s/he wants.  And, can I just say, he is kicking my ass at this game.  It has an element of chess in it which you would think I would be great at – except that would require concentration and patience which I don’t usually have.  I did beat him once, but only after I plied him with alcohol.

Can I claim that this doesn’t count because it is a game, not a puzzle?

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  1. lalana says:

    That is CERTAINLY not a puzzle… a puzzle is something for you to solve. Anything involving another person, by default, becomes a game.

    Or at least that’s what I’d claim if I were you.

  2. Hubman says:

    Oh yeah, it’s a game. Score 1 for Emmy and another loss for Garbonzo 😉

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